On behalf of the staff, crew and myself, we are proud to introduce you to the Pacific Outback Resort. This 36 person lodge is just off the Pacific North West Coast of British Columbia, Canada where the Queen Charlotte sound meets the fishing waters of Black Fish sound on the private estates of Hanson Island overlooking Double Bay.

Hanson Island has Blackfish sound to the North of it and Johnston straight to the south of it. The island is at the point where the Queen Charlotte sound necks down to the straight of Georgia. Because of the proximity of the fish to the Resort we have upwards of a hundred runs of all species of salmon from June to October. Their feeding is in front of the lodge as they travel to their native streams throughout the West Coast fishing season. Our bottom fishing is exceptional as well with halibut, lingcod, red snapper and rockfish to numerous to mention. Crabs, prawns, oysters and clams are also in abundance in the area.

Our guests are housed in new self contained spacious cabins along the shore that accommodate two, four, eight people, all with private ensuite washrooms and showers, including daily maid service. Tieing together the cabins is a shoreline boardwalk that takes you into to the main dining room where you will be served our gourmet meals including complementary wine while overlooking and enjoying the beautiful and tranquil ocean views of Doublebay.

Our gourmet meals will be served around the tides to give our guests the best fishing experience possible. You will all enjoy fishing from our new 17’ self bailing centre console skiffs, safety certified with 75 HP Honda motors, GPS systems, fish finders, VHF two way radios with plenty of room to store your catches of the day.

We are also pleased to have managed to obtain the new Gold Islander fishing reels for all our guests to use and enjoy while fishing the ocean waters at the Pacific Outback Resort. In addition, the Broughton Archipelago is a meca for wildlife spotting. Bring your camera to capture the incredible scenery and wildlife offered to you in this unspoiled paradise.

So be sure to “C’mon Outback” and let us share with you our unique brand of hospitality.

Deryol Andrews


If you have any questions or would like more information about our fishing trip packages,
please call us anytime at no charge 1-877-571-1156